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    Welcome to Berlitz Dublin

    Welcome to our Berlitz Dublin English language school, we offer a fantastic range of Intensive English courses, IELTs preparation, Cambridge Exam and English for Business & Professionals to suit your each and every need.

    Whether you are studying IELTS or English courses for Academic purposes in order to progress to a university in the future; or studying English for Business to enhance your career prospects; or studying an Intensive English course, simply for fun; we are committed to providing a high quality English language study environment at Berlitz Dublin.

    Berlitz Dublin English Language School

    Berlitz Dublin English language school was established in 1900 and has a great track record for helping thousands of students to achieve their language goals. Here at Berlitz Dublin, we believe in providing a fun and stimulating environment in which you can learn and advance your language skills further.

    Each and every student of ours is treated as an individual and supported with a tailored English language study plan to help achieve their study and career goals. With regular feedback, we ensure that your progress is carefully monitored and our staff are always on hand to ensure you get the advice and guidance that you need while undertaking your course.

    What makes our English courses in Dublin different?

    Here at Berlitz Dublin, we focus on providing a warm and friendly environment in which you can progress and reach your study goals. We understand that you want a fun and stimulating environment in which you can improve your language skills, make new friends and experience the many and varied facets of Irish cultural life.

    Would you like to discuss your English programme requirements, or have you got a question on your mind about our English school? If so please don’t hesitate to call our friendly office team on +353 1 644 9742 or email us at enquiries@berlitz-dublin.ie if you prefer.

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  • The Berlitz Dublin Guarantee

    At Berlitz Dublin, we ere committed to providing the best language-study experience for you. We promise to provide:

    High-quality language courses delivered by professional staff in a warm and friendly environment.
    A fun and stimulating environment in which you improve your language skills.
    Opportunities to make new friends and experience the many facets  of Irish cultural life.
    The personal touch to make your study-experience a Special one…!

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      Citizens of certain countries who wish to pursue a course of study in Ireland must apply for a visa to enter Ireland before they travel here. 


      Some of the most frequently asked questions here at Berlitz can be found below. If you still remain unsure, then why not get in touch.

      The Berlitz Experience

      Depending on who you are, where you’re coming from, and why you like coming here, there are endless reasons to love Dublin.