Why Study at Berlitz?

Here at Berlitz-Dublin English Language School, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality English Language programmes. Going forward we intend to continue to be recognised as a leading educational provider offering, quality, value and innovative education that will meet and exceed the expectations of our students

Large Course Selection

As one of the leading English Language Schools in Dublin, we pride ourselves on providing a large range of general and executive English courses tailored to suit all of our students and clients’ needs.

Our students can choose from the following comprehensive range of English Language programmes:

  • General English Course
  • Intensive English Course
  • Business English Course
  • Business English Specialisations Course

Take a look through our website to find the perfect course choice for you!

Tailored Course Study Plans

Each English course, General or Executive is delivered by our highly qualified teaching staff who have been trained to teach and support our students in a professional manner in order to gain maximum benefit from their study time with us.

We ensure that our English courses are structured around and delivered to students exact needs. We engage with our students so as to have a clear understanding of their needs, and on what they would like to focus on during the duration of their training programme.

Friendly Professional Learning Environment

Here at Berlitz Dublin we ensure that all students are comfortable and happy within the College facility.   Our teaching staff are trained in making students feel at home thus ensuring that they have a positive experience whilst studying English with us.

Choice of Language School Locations

We have English Language training facilities not only in Dublin but also in Manchester in the United Kingdom.  Depending where you would like to study, take a look at both of our websites at:


For further information please feel free to contact are friendly customer service team at either location.