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Academic Services: Orientation

Language Placement test
On your first day at the school you will arrive at 9:00am and take a placement test which will tell us which class best suits your English level. There are 4 parts to this test: grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking.

Once this test is complete, you and your new classmates will be given an induction by one of our friendly admissions staff or teachers. During this induction you will receive a Berlitz information pack which is crammed full of useful information about exploring Dublin, studying at Berlitz and enjoying your time in Ireland. You will also be given your timetable for the first week and you will be shown where your classrooms are. You will be given a tour of the school and introduced to your teachers.

Academic Placement Service
Berlitz Dublin provides an Academic Placement Service for students studying at the centre. This service provides initial counseling regarding university options and assistance in applying to your preferred university programmes. This service is provided for degree and Masters degree programmes.

berlitz dublin welfare and pastoral

Throughout your course you will meet with the Director of Studies or Assistant Director of Studies to review your progress and to discuss your objectives for the course ahead. We keep a record of these sessions, enabling us to chart your progress. This is your opportunity to provide feedback about and influence the direction of your course.

At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate, subject to satisfactory attendance, providing you with a record of your achievement at Berlitz Dublin. This certificate will indicate the level achieved and the corresponding CEF level.

At Berlitz, we aim to ensure you to have the smoothest possible integration into your studies in Ireland and adapt to a new lifestyle as quickly as possible. As such, we provide a range of services to assist you.

Our Accommodation & Welfare Officer is available to help you with any problems you may experience while studying at Berlitz. They can assist with doctors, dental or other essential medical appointments.

We can provide letters and certificates of acceptance to assist you with visa applications where required.

Download Student Handbook 2015

Student Handbook 2015