Course FAQ’s

Some of the most frequently asked questions here at Berlitz can be found below. If you still remain unsure, then why not get in touch.

When you arrive at the school, you will take a written and oral placement test so we can decide which level you are and place you in the right class. If you have a question about the level you have been placed in speak to the DOS.

Each student is different when it comes to learning English. Your progression really depends on your length of study and, most importantly, your commitment. All of our teachers are ready to give you all the advice, encouragement and assistance you need to develop your English skills as thoroughly as possible. Also, the school’s computer facilities, library and frequent excursions can all help you to improve.

In all cases, this is not possible and certainly not necessary. Our application form asks you to provide specific details of any accommodation requirements you have and we endeavour to find a host that matches these requirements. If you are not happy with your host family when you arrive, you must inform us straight away. If you want to leave your homestay, you must tell us two weeks in advance.

All teachers rotate on a six week cycle. Please understand that this may change due to staff taking holidays or sick leave. It is good for students to have a variety of teachers who teach in different styles with various teaching backgrounds to enhance your studies.

This will depend on your results in the weekly tests and your overall performance in class. If you feel you are ready to move before the level is finished, talk to your teacher to see what they think. If they think you are good enough, they will then confirm it with the DOS before allowing you to move.

You will need to fill in a form to request the letter. You can find the form in the grey boxes next to the computer room. When you have filled it in, put it in the tray on the reception desk. Letters can take one day to process. You should receive it a day after it is completed.

We cannot offer any refunds on uncompleted courses.